Individual Distorsion hadir kembali dengan full albumnya yang diberi nama “Fucked Mufler”. Album ini sarat dengan in your face growl vocal, lalu ditambah dengan drum loop bertempo super cepat, dan juga diwarnai distorsi gitar dengan sound-sound efek yang menyatu dan terdengar sangat absurd. Semua itu di-mixing dengan sangat bising.

Untuk anda yang menyukai Merzbow dan musisi-musisi noise eksperimentalis lainnya, album ini wajib untuk segera diunduh! (gan/imr)


01. An Introduction, Bacot [Download]

02. 21th Astounding Prick Wanker [Download]

03. It’s More Than Just A Vinyl-On-Your-Face Pic, Goddammit! [Download]

04. Broken Heart Is Good For Your Diet [Download]

05. 666 Rulez d00d [Download]

06. Trend Free Day [Download]

07. Berak Song 2011 [Download]

08. Konfrontasi [Download]

09. I Don’t Care Much About Music; What I like Is Females [Download]

10. Your Band Doesn’t Sound Like Sarah Records At All [Download]

11. You think your new grind band could release a vinyl, hahaha [Download]

12. Transjakarta Drivers Are Assholes [Download]

13. Titit Saya Gede [Download]

Download Complete Release:

IndividualDistortion-FuckedMuffler.ZIP (23 Mb)


Music and artwork released under a Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)




Established in 2005, Individual Distortion is a stupid-electronica-experimental-retard-unskilled-no-talent-get-a-life-whatevercore project that formed in Jakarta by a bored film school student.

The sound is basically crap, it is a mixture of anything offensive, thrashy, stupid, and retard which drawing influences from Anal Cunt, The Gerogerigegege, Skrewdriver, Oasis, Rockbitch to MTV’s TRL garbage music.

Alone, he started the i-don’t-give-a-fuck movement in Indonesia, where everything starts to become more lame these days, just like you. He try to make something that’s different, knowing that he probably won’t succeed. His main focus is to have some fun while doing all this.

Individual Distortion always appreciate the people who buy/downloaded his records, see him play (individual distortion is open for collaboration + everyone is invited to play guitar on it’s shows), and support him along with the fanzines, labels, distributors and event planners. Individual Distortion don’t reject all media or bash writers who express himself through articles or reviews. If you want Individual Distortion on your compilation or wanna do a release or a split with Individual Distortion, just ask (physical releases preferred).

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